According to numerous passages, Luisa would be very upset with what was going on in the world. She would be so distressed that Jesus warned her she would be crippled. He told her to stay midair with Him and not look at the earth.

“My daughter, I repeat to you-do not look at the earth! We let the creatures be. They want to make war-they are even doing it-but when they will tire themselves, I too will wage my war. Their weariness of evil, their disillusions, disenchantments, and losses suffered, will dispose them to receive my war. My war will be a war of Love; my Will will descend from Heaven into their midst” (Vol. 12, 4/26/21. See also Vol. 12, 9/3/19; Vol. 12, 6/10/20).

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the evil in the world? It might be time to turn off the morning news, skip the daily newspaper, and avoid those situations where you get another detail of what the world is up to now. Instead focus on what you are doing with God in the present moment and fully participate in the war of Love. Jesus advised Luisa to live with Him “midair between Heaven and earth” (Vol. 12, 6/10/20).

Don’t let anything or anybody cause you to descend to the earth. The work of the Divine Will is too important.

See VIDEOS page to hear a description of staying midair.



Felicia Murray · July 1, 2015 at 9:21 am

Please send any info

    Mary · July 27, 2015 at 1:58 pm

    Hi Felicia,
    Anywhere you can get information on the gift of the Divine Will, grab it. Living in the Divine Will is the Noah’s Ark of our times. There is all sorts of web sites on the internet with information. If you don’t have copies of the volumes, Father Robert Young does a wonderful job reading a passage or two and commenting on them. He has done this for several books starting with Volume 12 (where Jesus really started getting into the truths of the Divine Will with Luisa). See our post Need help with the volumes?

    Just keep learning everything you can about the Divine Will. Things will begin to happen and you will soon discover that Jesus will be teaching you directly. You will begin to live in a “rain of miracles.” God Bless.

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