When Saul was persecuting Christians, God knocked him off his horse and converted him to Christianity. His conversion was so dramatic that in the beginning the Christians did not trust the news of it. Out of one of the most difficult conversions came St. Paul, one of the greatest saints in the church.


There are many people in this world who have aligned themselves with satan. Some are so far gone that it seems the only possibility for their conversion would be a miracle. They need to be knocked off their horses. Jesus told Luisa how “difficult conversions” can be obtained:

“My blessed daughter, I suffered unheard-of pains; but close to these pains, seas of joys, of endless happiness were flowing. I could see the good they were going to produce. I could see, enclosed in them, the souls that were going to be saved; and since my pains were filled with love, they matured with their heat the most beautiful sanctities, the MOST DIFFICULT CONVERSIONS, the most astonishing graces…You don’t know what innocent pain suffered on my behalf means. It can form by its power seas of graces, light, and love for the benefit of all.” (Volume 36, September 27, 1938)

Use Jesus’ sufferings joined with those of today’s innocent victims of war, violence, poverty, deception, and abortion. Offer them to the Father to obtain “difficult conversions.” In particular, this weapon in Jesus’ War of Love should target those in the world scene (terrorists, power hungry globalists, crooked political leaders, etc.) who are purposely causing the suffering of millions of innocent people. With your Gift of the Divine Will, pick a “Saul” to knock off his or her horse and convert.

Some people may seem too far gone (modern day Diocletians, Neros, Judases). Is it a waste to pray for their conversion? Jesus had these words for St. Faustina:

“I want to give Myself to souls and to fill them with My Love, but few there are who want to accept all the graces My love has intended for them. My grace is not lost; if the soul for whom it was intended does not accept, another soul takes it.” (Diary, 1017)


There is nothing to stop you from picking the worst person on the planet Earth right now as your “difficult conversion.” If he or she is not knocked off their horse, then someone else will be.

Trust in the Power of the Divine Will and Jesus’ words to Luisa and Faustina.