page091A number of years ago we were given a card entitled “Smiling Jesus.” The following is an explanation of the photo which was on the back of the card:

“This is one of several photographs taken by a sister during a three day retreat on the Divine Will, given in Leon, Guanajuato (Mexico), on May 23-25, 1998. This photograph was taken on May 25th, during the closing Mass, at the moment the priest was elevating the just-consecreted host. When the film was developed and the prints were made, instead of seeing on this print the object that the sister was viewing when she took the shot, that is, the priest elevating the host, surprised, she saw this picture of smiling Jesus. Then, looking carefully at the photo, at the level of Jesus’ chest you can see the silhouette of the priest celebrating Mass, dressed in the sacred vestments in the posture of elevating the host of the Blessed Sacrament.”

“Dedication that Jesus himself gave to the sister who, when she first saw this photograph of smiling Jesus, perceived these words in her interior: ‘I am the divine Teacher, the Teacher of the Divine Will, and the souls that live in my Will are my smile.'”

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Mary Ann · May 13, 2016 at 10:21 pm

Smiling Jesus
The first time I saw this photo I loved it, it reminded me of my Jesus, and my best friend who also lives in the Divine Will. Not until today did I know where this photo came from or the story behind it, now that I do I just say “of course this is the story behind this smile”. His Love is so immense.

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