Are you having trouble loving certain people in your life and in the world scene. The Saints struggled with this same problem for hundreds of years and offered their best advice. Mother Teresa saw Jesus in every person. Blessed Dina Belanger always attributed the best of intentions to everyone, whether their actions were good or reprehensible. Sister Consolata listened to Jesus grieving over souls and made indulgent excuses for them to cheer Jesus, as a close friend would do. She explained that even though Jesus cannot be deceived, He takes pleasure in being piously deceived by just souls who place themselves between Him and sinners. These just souls excuse and hide the sinners behind their love. Sister Consolata believed these souls follow the example of Jesus on the Cross when He placed Himself between the Father and guilty humanity and proclaimed, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

There are hundreds of entries in Luisa’s writings telling of her efforts to deal with people. Intervening for souls was the story of her life. Many times it may seem an impossible task for you to treat your enemies with love. But ask Jesus to speak in your voice and remember the big picture – each person is a potential Paradise for God where the Divine Will will reign in a bilocation of Its Center. Hear Jesus say to you, “Be patient. We’re working on them just like We’re working on you.”

When the gift of the Divine Will reigns in you, the struggle to love people will end. All of God’s Qualities are yours. God’s Love is now your Love. When faced with a difficult situation, do you want this Divine Love to flow out of you instead of your human reaction? Jesus told Luisa that as she did rounds in creation, which are an extension of God’s Qualities, those Qualities were drawn into her. If you want Divine Love to flow out of you, constantly take possession of the acts of God’s Love as manifested in creation, redemption, and sanctification. This will make the Divine Quality of Love in you become more and more operative. If you take possession of Love, you become Love. And in the War of Love, you are helping your enemies become love too.