Many people who have the gift of the Divine Will may feel a great desire to do big things to help spread the knowledge of the gift. You try to tell people about it and no one listens. You write a book and nobody reads it. You start a cenacle and no one comes. You post something that no one sees. You arrange a conference and a dozen people show up.

Don’t be discouraged because with the gift of the Divine Will, little things become big. Accept the fact that life is made up of billions of little things and maybe a couple of big things. So focus on the little things and make them big.

If you do little things in the Divine Will, they are big. They become Divine Acts that multiple over all souls and further the coming of the Kingdom. Do you want to make them even bigger? Do them in a commingling of conversation with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. They will enjoy it and so will you. God created us for His enjoyment. The purpose of creation is fulfilled in the little things you do. Now that is BIG.

Max out all the little things.