The Drop Book Series is in Italian

Thanks to the work of the sisters of the Divine Will in Italy, the Drop Book Series is available for free download at the following link. Visit the sister’s Website: Download link Stay tuned for further translation!

Rounds Teaching Tool

This short video is a powerful and inspired tool for teaching rounds. In its simplicity, it goes right to the heart of the round. It all comes down to five simple words: I LOVE YOU TOO, GOD!  

Manifesting Divine Qualities

Human qualities are only a reflection of God’s qualities. They are weak, inconstant, and vacillating. Divine qualities are permanent (not fleeting and dependent upon the circumstances of your life). Jesus gave Luisa a key to manifesting Divine qualities in Volume Read more…

Smiling Jesus

A number of years ago we were given a card entitled “Smiling Jesus.” The following is an explanation of the photo which was on the back of the card: “This is one of several photographs taken by a sister during Read more…